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Pro-Bono Mediator Award

At the Alabama State Bar's Annual Meeting, Pro Bono Mediators were recognized and Jimmy Walter won the Pro Bono Mediator Award. The Volunteer Lawyers Program selects the winner from a list of mediators who conducted mediations at no cost or reduced cost to the parties. The list is compiled by the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution from annual surveys provided by mediators on the Alabama State Court Mediator Roster.

Thank you Mediators!

The Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution wishes to thank the following Roster members who mediated pro-bono in 2013.

Joseph Adams
Helen Alford
Charles Anderson
James Barton
Robert Boliek
Charles Booth
Sarah Bowers
Robin Burrell
William Caughran
L. Brian Chunn
Stephen Clements
Louis Colley
George Copeland
Katharine Coxwell
Samuel Crosby
Timothy Donahue
J. Robert Faulk
Donald Fazekas
R. A. Sonny Ferguson
Charles Fleming
Cody Foote
Anton Gaede
J. Kirkman Garrett
Arthur Hanes
David Hendrickson
Sharon Hester
Jerry Hicks
Paige Hockman
Claire S. Holland
Sam Irby
Sharon Johnston
Christopher Jones
Kimberly Kervin
Julia Kimbrough
William Lancaster
Cherly Leatherwood
Debra Leo
Thomas Lovett
Daryl Masters
Rodney Max
John McBrayer
George McMillan
R. Boyd Miller
Brian Mosholder
Craig Olmstead
James Perry
Ferris Ritchey
Finis Royal
Fern Singer
Angeline Sperling
Ronald Stanfa
Donald Stewart
Philip Thompson
Jermone Thompson
Brian Turner
Michael Upchurch
Michael Walls
James Walter
Bruce Williams
Thomas Woodall